Aplikasi Deteksi Nilai Uang pada Mata Uang Indonesia dengan Metode Feature Matching

Giovinna Khoharja, Liliana Liliana, Anita Nathania Purbowo


Banknote can’t be detected and recognized by blind people.
Application for banknote recognition, which can run on Android
smartphone with camera, is made in this paper to help blind people.
Indonesian Rupiah(IDR) is used as a working example. This does
not require any communication with remote server, and all the
necessary computations take place on the phone itself. In this
application, user can tak picture of the banknote with double tap
on the screen, and the results will be announced by voice. The
system relies on computer vision algorithm, such as feature
detection, feature description, and matching. Each application of
ORB, SURF, and SIFT is applied in matching captured banknote
images to template images. To improve the confidence of the
banknote recognition, homography is used to filter the feature
matching results.
The systems evaluate the performance on 700 images and report an
accuracy of 93.14% using SURF, 92.57% using SIFT, and 89.17%
using ORB


Currency recognition, banknote recognition, feature matching, Indonesia currency detection, application for blind

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