Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Gaya dan Tekanan Fisika untuk Siswa SMP Berbasis Flash

Samuel Andi Ongkohardjo, Kristo Radion Purba, Leo Willyanto Santoso


Physics class is one of difficult lesson for some junior high school students. When study physics, we need high comprehension and concentration because its got so many formula and explanation. One of way to study it excellently is using Multimedia.

This application will resemble energy and pressure physics lesson become more attractive and interesting. in which players actively involved in the learning process. Starting from newton law, energy, and pressure for solid, liquid, and gas substance. There is also many simulations to help students understand the material. This application is created using Adobe Flash Professional CS6.

From the questionnaire result, prove that the simulation strongly supports the process of understanding the material. Therefore user’s interest in learning is increased, coupled with the easiness of  application usage and user friendly.


Multimedia, interactive, adobe flash, energy and pressure physics, junior high school

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