Pengurangan Loading Time di PT. X Menggunakan Simulasi

DENNY KIANTO KAHUNI, I Gede Agus Widyadana


PT. X is a company which produces packaged drinking water. The company was established in June 2005. Production of cup was conducted in June 2006 and gallon in July 2006. Distributions of product are using pickup, truck and fuso. Company has thirty four pickups, nine trucks and one fuso. Company finds that delivery order does not exceed demand and distribution capacity. Products that can’t be sent indicate the need to reduce loading time so the amount of not delivered product can be reduced. PROMODEL 10 is used to solve the problem. Adding one capacity powered belt conveyor has the lowest investment cost and saves Rp 3.545.000,00 per month for ten years. This proposal reduces average loading time by 0,77 minute (3%). Adding two capacity powered belt conveyor reduces average loading time 5,96 minute (20%). The investment cost of this proposal is Rp 625.000,00 per month for ten years. Adding electric hand pallet and powered belt conveyor (two capacity) reduce average loading time 10,31 minute (34%). The investment cost of this proposal is Rp 4.862.500,00 per month for ten years.


Loading time, Simulation, Promodel

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