Sistem Pelayanan Terbuka Pada Interior Perpustakaan Umum di Kota Semarang

Yesaya Yehuda


The design of Public Library in Semarang City is backed by low interest in reading society, support for Semarang city government effort to increase reading interest, and also need of education facility in the form of adequate library in Semarang City. The purpose of this design is to get the building design of a facility to read that can be a means of informative and communicative needs for the people of Semarang City. The design concept in this design is open space or open service system for general public in Semarang City, and library building apply modern contemporary design style with the use of warm colors and passion which will provide convenience for the library reader so as to solve some physical problems for library Then the expected interest in reading and the frequency of visitor arrivals more.


Library, Interior

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