Upcycle Limbah Kayu Palet Jati Belanda Menjadi Wadah Modular Serbaguna untuk Anak-Anak (Studi Kasus: Kota Surabaya)

Jessica Sutanto


Children have an increasing need such as books, clothes, and shoes. Thus the container that can be added as needed and have high flexibility can be seen as the right solution.

Momot as a modular container by utilizing waste wood palette is the solution to the problem mentioned. Wood pallets have a smaller carbon footprint than other materials such as, plastics, metals, and concrete so that the waste can be reused without harming the environment. In addition, to socialize green lifestyle can be started from the early age 6-12 years old. So that children become more sensitive and responsible to the environment.

Waste utilization approach used in this design is upcycle. The design process uses qualitative methods that take place in six stages, discovery -interpretation - ideation - experimentation - evolution - implementation. The design of knock-down furniture is made in modular shape with basic connection of mortise and tenon.


Pallete wood, Modular, Shelf , Upcycle

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