Kajian Implementasi Universal Design Pada Interior Perpustakaan Umum di Balai Pemuda Kota Surabaya

Airin Valentine


Library is one of the useful public facilities for all range of society including some people who have special needs. Therefore, easy accessibility and proper facilities are two factors that should be concidered about the 7 universal principles of design (SUPD). Universal design is a model used practically to design a certain product or facility to be user-friendly. The purpose of this research is to analyze the application of SUPD, and to propose design solutions that can be applied to the interior of Balai Pemuda Public Library to fulfill the SUPD. This research uses the qualitative methodology and data were collected through observation, interviews, and documentation. The data were processed using descriptive analytic method. Result findings show that only 2 out of 13 rooms applied SUPD, while 11 remaining rooms only applied several principles need and hence design solutions based on SUPD. The proposed design solutions consist of: (1) change of design to make it easier for wheel chair users, children, and eldery; (2) change of layout of the available facilities to be more effective; (3) addition of information on signage to clarify information; (4) addition of security system on ramps and electric sockets; (5) addition of one disabled toilet, and (6) redesign of the lavatory area that can be used by wheel chair users and children.


Interior, implementation, public libraries, universal design

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